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invincible! oh oh oh!

thousand fahrenheit hot metal lights behind your eyes!

6 March 1986
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I am, and always will be called Sarah. I am 22 years old, and I am a bum. I am finally back home in Ohio, living with my boyfriend, Alex. I like anything that has to do with entertainment, and I lovingly refer to myself as a television guru. I keep up with more shows than what is probably wise of one person alone. I also spend a fair amount of time trying to be artistic, which usually ends terribly. I try way too hard to be witty, and most of the time I fail miserably.

My journal is friends only. I am open to meeting new people, though, so if you would like to be my friend, feel free to add me! I will probably notice right away and add you back. I do read my friend's journals often, but I do not always comment. If you are the kind of person who needs constant assurance that I'm reading, you may as well move on.


+I have a myspace.
+My AIM screen name and e-mail are correctly listed above. If you need to contact me in any way outside of livejournal, that would be the place to do it.


A special thanks goes to Kenny, for providing me the journal from which came a free rename.